Friday, 30 April 2010

3D Max 2010 Lighting & Rendering With Mental RayVideo Training | 731MB

3D Max 2010 Lighting & Rendering With Mental RayVideo Training  | 731MB

3ds Max 2010 Lighting and Rendering with mental ray explores one of the most powerful toolsets for photorealistic 3D image visualization: the mental ray renderer in 3ds Max. Aaron F. Ross shows how to use mental ray's combination of materials, lighting, and rendering to achieve a variety of effects, from glossy surfaces to reflections and transparency.

He provides an in-depth review of photometrics and the tools used to adjust lighting in 3ds Max, including brightness, intensity, and color temperature along with a wide variety of lighting scenarios. Aaron also devotes time to getting the most out of mental ray's powerful rendering engine and improving render efficiency. Exercise files are included with this course.

Topics include:

Applying mental ray materials
Setting photometric lighting
Rendering glossy surfaces with raytracing
Using indirect illumination
Simulating exterior and interior lighting scenarios
Selecting appropriate special effects

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