Monday, 26 April 2010

Cisco Learn

Fun, interactive scenarios make our lessons
easy to retain! Learn the details of Cisco Remote Networks

Reinforce your knowledge in the Cisco Remote Access
including VPNs & Frame Relay

Master Advanced Remote Accesss Techniques & Technologies; it is crucial for the Cisco CCNP (BCRAN) Exam!

Learn the In's and Out's of Frame Relay
Know the difference and how to configure SVCs, PVCs and DCLIs

Setup LMI

Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot PPP Multipoint & PPP Callback
Understand the Floating Static Routes

Learn How to Setup and Configure Caller Watch and Caller Profiles

Know How and When to Use Snapshot Routing
Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot STP

Master Queuing in a Cisco Remote Access Enviroment

Dive into WFQ - Weighted Fair Queuing, LLQ - Low Latency Queuing, PQ - Priority Queuing, CQ - Custom Queuing and much more

Configure IP Host Tables

Learn Modem Basics, Modem Pins, Reverse Telnet, Modem Standards and more

Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot Static and Dynamic NAT

Learn about Broadband Connections and its Advantages

Master the Different Authentication Methods including TACACS+, RADIUS, & Kerberos

Become a VPN Specialist Tunneling Protocols, Key Encryption, IPSec Architecture, Security Associations, IP Payload Compression, Transform Sets, Crypto Maps and more!!!
This is just the beginning! By the time you are finished, you will have the understanding & "know-how" to setup, manage and troubleshoot Cisco Remote Access
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