Saturday, 1 May 2010

Lynda com Screencasting With The Mac DVD
Lynda com Screencasting With The Mac DVD
Size 713.41 MB

Using the exercise files
1. Gear
Introduction to the gear
Choosing a camera
Choosing microphones
Setting up a budget lighting system
2. Scripting
Writing a script 
3. Screencasts
Introduction to screencasting
Recording with QuickTime
Recording with Snapz Pro
Recording with iShowU
Recording with ScreenFlow
4. Scenecasts
Introduction to scenecasting
Using still images in a screencast
Using focused motion captures
5. Shooting Live Video
Introduction to live video
Choosing a live action location
Understanding continuity
Exploring presentation techniques
6. Editing with iMovie ‘09
Introducing iMovie ‘
Touring the iMovie interface
Importing assets
Assembling a movie
Recording narration
Polishing a movie
Exploring delivery options
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